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  • Hygiene and prevention
  • Massage Equipment

    Buy the best massage equipment that all professional massage therapists must have. Take a look at our selection of tables, chairs, stools, cushions for pregnant women, bolsters, and covers for all the various equipment. Save big with our competitive prices offered in Canada only!

  • Massage Accessories

    Buy the best massage accessories online to provide your customers with a unique and complete massage experience. Check out our amazing selection of unusual accessories like massage rocks, massage seashells, candles, massage bamboos, and herbal balls. Save big with our competitive prices offered in Canada only.

  • Massage Linen

    Buy the best massage linen from Quebec manufacturer Allez Housses for all your massotherapy needs. Choose among our vast selection of massage fitted sheets, covers, sheets, blanckets and pillowcases, all made to be durable and easy to clean. Save big with our competitive prices that are offered only in Canada.

  • Body care

    Scrubs, wraps, moisturizer and cataplasms ... Your ticket to body successsful and efficient treatments!

  • Various

    All small accessories you may need. Bottles, jars, belts ... and more!

  • Lingerie

    Bathrobe, dressing gown, sarong and slippers manufactured by Allez Housses.

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