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  • Yoga Tune Up® - Alpha Ball

    The ALPHA BALL measures at a sizable 3.5" in diameter, providing a massive amount of sheer and grip.

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Alpha Ball Twin Set

    Two 3.5" diameter Roll Model massage balls in a perfectly sized snug-grip tote provide a massive amount of shear and grip. Whether it's neck traction, spine rolls, QL, IT Band, hips, buttocks or other large muscle mass, the curves of the two ALPHAs together allow for deep, precision rolling. Use it against the wall or on the floor. Try the ALPHA Set and...

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Coregeous Ball

    The Coregeous® Ball is an inflatable air-filled sponge ball with a unique soft-stretchy "skin" that's used in conjunction with the Coregeous® DVD to massage and activate your core and stretch your psoas. This special tool allows you to gently and safely access your innermost abdominals.

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Double Loop Stretch Strap

    Yoga Tune Up® unique 6' double-looped stretch strap provides support for both static and dynamic stretches to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch. IMPORTANT : Please note that the material of this strap does not "stretch" it is a strap used for stretching. 

  • Yoga Tune Up® - ROLLS Royce Collection

    The ultimate massage ball set, the ROLLS Royce Collection includes everything a serious roller needs for myofascial release.

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Therapy Ball Original (2)

    The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls  The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls are made of a special rubber that grips at your skin, grabs at multiple layers of muscles, and rubs out adhesion's and tension, providing a deep tissue massage.

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Therapy Ball Plus

    Our Therapy Ball PLUS self-massage balls are made from a special rubber that allows you to work out adhesions and tension, ultimately offering an exceptional deep tissue massage experience.

  • Yoga Tune Up® - Treat while you train DVD

    With a focus on Performance, Recovery and Injury Prevention, this 2-Disc DVD features JILL MILLER & KELLY STARRETT guiding you on self-treatment strategies using each of the Roll Model® Therapy Balls (YTU Originals, PLUS, ALPHA & Coregeous).

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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