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  • Aliksir

    We are proud to offer the Aliksir essential organic oils, which you can easily use in aromatherapy, in massotherapy, or you may use it create a magical, relaxing ambiance in your spa or professional care center. The Aliksir essential oils can be utilized in an essential oil diffuser.

  • Allez Housses

    Quebec manufacturer Allezhousses provides you with a complete range of adapted and personalized linen, sheets and accessories for care and massages. When manufacturing our products, we only use high-quality fabrics (cotton, micro-fiber, knitwear cotton), that are both comfortable and easy to wash.

  • Bamboo Fusion

    Discover the amazing Bamboo Fusion massage accessories, made with sturdy, durable bamboo, that will not only help you give deep-skin massages more easily but will also preserve your wrists and hands from pain.

  • BioOrigin

    Provide high-quality skincare and massage to your customers by using one-of-a-kind BioOrigin products, made in Canada, with all-natural ingredients. From the dark detoxifying clay, to the lavender massage gel and grapefruit degreasing soap, all BioOrigin products are hypo-allergenic, without paraben and eco-friendly.

  • Biotone

    Made by a team of specialized therapists, Biotone’s selection of therapy and massage products is known worldwide to attain the highest standards of quality. The rich textures and delicate fragrances of the massage oils, creams, and lotions will ravish your clients’ senses while helping them relax and enjoy the whole well-being experiences.

  • Carolyn Design

    Carolyn Design has progressively grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of uniforms in Canada. Our primary goal has never wavered: we are here to serve. Growing demands from our valued customers continue to challenge and inspire us to create high quality uniforms with unique, avant-garde designs.

  • Clinique Lafontaine

    Clinique Lafontaine’s massage calms start to work as soon as they touch the skin and create a comforting impression of cold/warm. Our selection gathers a analgesic balm for muscular pain, a balm for soothing articular pain, and the Ehrlich balm, know to promote the healing of pulled muscles, rheumatisms, and sprains, perfect if you work in a sport clinic.

  • Cryoderm

    CryoDerm products relieve pain by breaking the Pain-Spasm Cycle. This is a physiological cycle in which sensations and cognitions of pain from injury cause spasm in the nearby muscles. The spasm causes several other reactions in the body which in turn create more feelings of pain. This cycle continues indefinitely unless broken. The following diagrams explain how the Pain-Spasm cycle occurs without intervention, and how the cycle is broken using CryoDerm.


  • Daniele Henkel

    Daniele Henkel’s Renaissance Glove can be used on the whole body. The glove is made with a natural fiber that comes from plant cellulose (eucalyptus and spruce); this unique fiber is woven in microscopic loops, that makes it a one-of-a-kind product that preserves and treats the skin efficiently. Its unparalleled efficiency makes an exfoliating glove that is used everywhere on the planet, in spas, hammams, and massotherapy centers.

  • DeMonceaux

    The massage creams for DeMonceaux Laboratories are well-knowns for their numerous benefits, such as moisturizing and analgesic properties. Made with fir, mint and cedar oils, the DeMonceaux therapeutic cream relieves the sore muscles and promote a better tissue repair fro sportsmen and athletes.

  • Laboratoire Vachon

  • LavaShell

    Made with a mix of porcelain and ground clam shells, Lavashells massage shells, have the incredible feature to keep the heat under the treatments’ movements or during the relaxation, at wanted temperature, according to on the gel recharge that you use inside the shell. Since the shells are made of calcium carbonate, they emit calcium ions when heated, heat that is released on the skin during the massage.

  • Les Soins Corporels l'Herbier

    L’Herbier’s Body care is a Quebec company that cares about offering unique body care and massotherapy products, created with carefully-picked organic ingredients to ravish your clients’ senses. From the maple hydrating cream to Chocolate and Coffee exfoliant, Aroma-Spas Wintergreen Salts, and Apple Blossom massage cream, L’Herbier’s body care offer an incredible selection of products with gourmet aromas and rich textures that will help you create the perfect relaxing moment for your clients.

  • Nomad

    Known for the high quality and the durability of its massage tables, Nomad company specializes in the conception and the manufacturing of massage tables, of massage stools, and head rest cushions adapted to massage therapists’ needs. All built in Canada, the Nomad massage tables are made of hardwood and steel and have numerous benefits

  • Oakworks

    The Oakworks massage chairs and accessories provide an amazing selection of massage chairs for all types of massage: relaxing, therapeutic, and athletic. Oakworks massage chairs are multifunctional and put an end to all uncomfortable positions imposed to patients and therapists. The Oakworks massage chairs are transportable; they are light, quickly installed and very robust. The massage therapist can easily proceed to the setting of armrests, face rest, chest cushion, seat and knee cushions.

  • ORE

    ORE beauty care and natural skin care products offer a selection of face and body care made with 100% natural ingredients. ORE provides you with wrapping care and body care products made with the Dead Sea’s salt, water, and mud, Britain’s seaweed, organic green tea, and organic coffee. ORE peel-off masks are more and more popular in spas, for their relaxing and therapeutic properties, as well as their ease of use.

Showing 1 - 33 of 33 items
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