Pair of waterproof vinyl pillowcase- bolster 6x12 inches Expand

Pair of waterproof vinyl pillowcase- bolster 4x12 inches

Custom embroidery service

Have your logo, name or message embroidered on our clothes and accessories. Our embroidery is durable and professional quality. No minimum quantity.

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Make your life easier after each treatment!

Washable after every use with your multi-surface cleaner or a solution of bleach and water.

Size: 4x12 inches

In black or navy depending on the availability of the fabric at the time of the order.

Proudly made in Canada by Allez Housses! 



Custom embroidery for your massage fitted cover and fitted sheet

Massage Boutik offers a custom embroidery service that will allow you to promote your brand and company in a unique way. Take this chance to have your logo, your design, your company name and even your first and last names embroidered on your AllezHousses massage covers and fitted sheets. Each of our embroideries is professionally made and stands out for its incredible durability.

Advantages of a personalized embroidery on your massage fitted covers and fitted sheets

Embroidery with your company name, logo, or design denotes great professionalism with your customers and is both an elegant and economical way to display your colors. Your custom embroidered fitted sheets are machine washable and the embroidery will not deteriorate, even after several washes. Our embroidery specialists can make your custom fitted sheets in several colors and on a variety of fabrics: cotton, quilted cotton, terry cloth, fleece, etc.

For businesses: Whether you need it for your hotel, spa, massage therapy center or health center, your fitted sheets and covers with custom embroidery can be manufactured with multiple fonts, multiple sizes and custom designs.

For individuals: If you want to celebrate a special event, a birthday or offer a unique gift to a loved one, you can now do so by offering a massage table cover or fitted sheet with our custom embroidery service.

Any questions?

If you would like to know more about our custom embroidery service, we invite you to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


If your table is not standard, we can make the sheet custom exactly to your need. Call us to know more!

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Where it is made Made in Québec


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Pair of waterproof vinyl pillowcase- bolster 4x12 inches

Pair of waterproof vinyl pillowcase- bolster 4x12 inches

Keep your customers comfortable and safe with these waterproof vinyl pillowcase covers.


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